DTF Solutions[Down To FIRE], [Designed To FIGHT] Solutions was established in 2012. Before we got into the industry, we had been looking for reliable source of training and knowledge that evaluates, selects and combines techniques, tactics and equipment for winning a gunfight. We couldn’t find one. Therefore, the DTF Solutions company begun.
In DTF we review operational data delivered by our instructors and supporters: police, military and special service operatives from different areas. Based on the task objective and faced problems, we adjust procedures and gear to create a plan leading to success.
DTF Training Programs are data driven and field proven. We teach, you learn.



Both of our knowledge-based programs: FAST Pistol and Unarmoured Vehicle Tacics have been appreciated and introduced into police Counter Terrorist units training. Some of our LE programs are available in civilian application versions, considering actual legal aspects.


The philosophy of simplified biomechanics in carbine and pistol operation has been delivered, through our multiple courses, to hundreds of soldiers before hitting the final AO. Keeping the gun on spot, identifying threats and engaging multiple targets is what we teach best.

//Reponsible Armed Civilians

Our courses consider biomechanics of pistol and carbine operation, as well as complete situational awareness curriculums. We have been practicing various methods of CCW for years, in various places and spaces. We start at fundamental shooting techniques and finish with scenario-based trainings, supported with Force On Force verification.


The Private Security Sector expands because of modern dangers. Our verified customers from Middle East and other endangered regions are trained with selected police and special service tactics which are adapted to private sector type of work. No other place and people can give you such complex and operationally verified solutions.




Our classes are 5 to 12 students and there is at least 2 instructors during a class which gives us an opportunity to take an individual approach to each student. We take care of your progess. If you are engaged in training you will see progress very soon.


DTF Solutions alumnis has numerous privilages and discounts in companies we are working with and in our own DTF SHOP. We try to do our best for our community to help it grow and improve.


All Law Enforcement, Military and other service branches members are entitled to discount for our courses. We really want to help this hard working men and women to improve their skills which might save their or someone else live one day.



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